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Every organization has a message to send, an audience to reach. How you tell your story – whether you want to build awareness, reach new markets or protect your brand – is a critical element in your market positioning.

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Developing a brand identity is an marketing area that is often overlooked. Why you ask? Well, it doesn’t provide direct, measurable results so it’s usually the last thing a business is willing to spend money on. But what they don’t know (or realize) is that most successful businesses know that a well-defined brand helps provide the groundwork needed to pursue (and win) with marketing tactics that support lead generation and customer loyalty.

Where to start? The key is to start with a clear direction. How your brand values affect messaging considerations to design direction for your logo. Once this is developed you’ll find it much easier to work with designers, copywriters, and strategists when you know what you want. And, it can provide a solid tool to measure your ideas against.

If you need help getting started, email me and I’ll share our branding and logo guide to help you get through the discovery phase.

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