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Stax Studios Trifold Brochure Design

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Project Description

Stax Studios

When we were tapped to design a trifold brochure and business cards for Stax Studios, we were in from the start.

We loved the attitude and tone of the new project and could not wait to get started.

Brochures and business cards are fun to design. Why? Because the possibilities are endless. The most important thing for an effective brochure is to consider the experience. I mean a brochure is one of the most interactive personal experiences you can get. A brochure is not a poster that you walk by, when someone looks at it, they engage with it. They turn it over, open it up, flip pages and that provides an opportunity to craft that experience for your audience. A long time ago I was in a meeting with creatives from several other agencies, when business cards were being passed around one card stood out against the others and our group spent quite a while discussing it. I’ve never forgotten that experience. You get one chance to make a first impression – why not make it the best it can be?

Our goal was to make both pieces bright and energetic. This community was being redeveloped in the East Fremont District located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. East Fremont is an area that offers entertainment, lodging, bars and restaurants. You can imagine how vibrant this area is. We needed this community to take advantage, and compliment, the East Fremont positioning (which I think we did an excellent job!) The tagline “Live Like Nowhere Else” has really set them apart from their competition.

Want to learn more about Stax Studios? Visit the link below and enjoy!


Project Details

Skills Needed: